I am an author, represented by Ismita Hussain at Great Dog Literary.

I am currently focused on YA contemporary, with a passion for chronic illness representation. I want teens who are dealing with a diagnosis to see themselves in the stories I write, which are light, quirky, and filled with romance, humor and friendship.

Here are some more random facts, in no particular order:

  1. I have two boys, two guinea pigs, and a puppy named Frodo so my house is full of cuteness, screaming, and Timothy hay.
  2. I eat all the chocolate.
  3. I used to do aerial silks and when my kids are older I’ll have proof I was once cool.
  4. Outside of writing, I am a college professor and former lawyer. The lawyer in me would like you to know that this is my personal website and any views/opinions expressed on it are not those of my employer.
  5. Website design is not my thing, but I’m a big fan of lists.