I go through phases

This is something I say all too often and it applies to both fitness and writing. I go through phases in which I write every day and phases in which I don’t write for months. I go through phases in which I’m teaching bootcamp classes regularly and phases in which a twenty minute walk is a decent workout.

Right now, the weather is (finally) getting colder and I have a kid in JK and a kid in daycare (i.e. every surface in my house has a virus on it). Blankets, tea, and couches are all conspiring to keep me from doing anything productive. It’s not exactly the most auspicious time to be starting a blog, but I’m currently on strike at my day job, so I’m working my way through my To Do list. Yes, somewhere deep on my To Do list for a few years now has been “start a blog”.


So what is this blog going to be about? The title is a bit misleading. It’s rare that I write and squat and then write again, and rarer still that I write while squatting. But, I’m trying to both write and exercise regularly, and I know many of you out there on the interwebs are too, so I’m here to share some of the things I’m trying to keep typing, scribbling, thinking, moving, and creating. I’ll post quick workouts, writing prompts, submission calls, and other such things. To kick things off, here’s a submission call I’ve just sent a story off to and here is a ten minute workout I did today:

  1. Run up and down the stairs 4x.
  2. Step up and down 10x each leg.
  3. 15 push-ups.
  4. 20 rows with band or weights.
  5. Knee roll-in with stability ball 10x (or plank if you don’t have a ball) – .

Repeat 3x total.

Do you go through phases too? What keeps you moving and creating?

Disclaimer: As always, consult a physician or other health professional before starting any workout program. This blog is solely for informational purposes. If you choose to do any of the exercises discussed here, you do so at your own risk.


4 thoughts on “I go through phases

  1. Totally, now that winter is coming have a bit less energy for working out. I like to pick two or three days a week -and pretty much force myself to do a workout on those days. I always feel so much better afterwards and have more clarity for creative pursuits. Need to find more mini workouts I can do at home though.


  2. I love this! Having an exercise session always puts me in a better mindset before I try to be productive! At-home workouts are the only kind I do (because they go by my schedule and cost no $)! It is also a pretty healthy way to procrastinate, I find…


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